Baudelaire has made a comeback; the Golden Age has returned. As technology continues to advance, and “green” is no longer a color, but a revolution, our living spaces are reflecting an urge to return to nature. Now more than ever, an appreciation is growing for natural materials, reused objects, and even the animal kingdom. Add in a dash of whimsical knick-knacks for fun, and a rich palette for sophistication, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for the 2012 interior. 


The winter may be over, but cabin fever is still going strong. Wood is by far the favored material these days, and why not? It proves to be the most versatile medium in its diversity of both use and color; you can mix different grains and types of woods to create gorgeous patterning, or play with texture by staining it or leaving it unfinished. Not to mention the charm of this rustic material is sure to make you feel all warm and cozy inside.



When it comes to mantles and walls, more is definitely more. Gone are the days of strict minimalism and scant décor. Displaying knick-knacks in an unorganized fashion gives more character to a room, and lets you tell a personal story with the items you’ve collected over the years. When it comes to hanging photos or paintings, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Filling your walls with frames varying in size and color creates a more hand-made quality to the space.


Who needs white walls when you can have dark ones? These rich color tones immediately transform the ambiance of a room into a seductive and sophisticated space. Pick out a navy blue, forest green, charcoal grey, or even jet black, and make a bold statement. Keep up the seductive theme by using dark-toned furniture and linens, or use crisp whites to lighten the mood a touch.


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