Parisians love to complain. It’s practically a past time for them. Whether it’s about politics, jobs, friends, or lovers, if you’re sitting at a café, you’re bound to hear the obligatory sighing and grunting that stems from their inherent dissatisfaction. Big or small, if it’s an annoyance to a Parisian, it’s sure to stir up a nice pout.

Normally I try to keep my complaining to a minimum, but when it comes to the weather, I’m the first to start whining. Nothing brings you down like a heavy grey sky that sits on top of you like a wet blanket. You feel enclosed between the equally grey buildings, longing for the sky to turn blue so you can breath again.

Unfortunately, there’s no arguing with Mother Nature, only compromising. And if it’s going to rain, you better be prepared. My Dad would tell you that if you never want to see your umbrella again, just give it to me. I’ve lost so many of his umbrellas, he even banned me from borrowing them at one point.

And I admit it, I’m horribly wonderful at leaving umbrellas behind like a trail of breadcrumbs, sprinkling them everywhere I go. For this reason, I’m constantly buying new ones, and this particular beauty has caught my eye for its perfect whit. Capturing that comical Parisian dissatisfaction like no other, it just might be the perfect medicine for a gloomy day.


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