While it may just be a Wednesday in July like any other for my fellow Parisians, it’s still Independence Day for me. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest to celebrate American holidays when you live abroad. Not to mention it doesn’t even feel much like a holiday when you have to work all day.

Since there won’t be any BBQs, fireworks, or apple pies on my agenda today, it looks like some great American photography will have to do. Welcome, Kevin Russ. This photostream, surprisingly all taken from his iPhone, paints a beautiful picture of what’s out west. Even though I was born and raised on the east coast, my parents  took me on a handful of trips when I was younger to places just like these. At the time, all I noticed was how unbearably hot it was, but now I realize just how magnificently gorgeous the land really is.

You can’t find anything like this in France – the colors, the forms, the size  – are like nothing else. It’s one of my country’s treasures, and for this, I’m proud to be American. Happy 4th everyone!


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