Spain. L’Espagne. España. My first love, my second home-away-from-home, and of course, the land of Flamenco.

A combination of cante (singing), toque (guitar), baile (dancing), and palmas (hand clapping) Flamenco is a passionate and powerful genre of music whose performances leave you breathless. In a dimmed, dusky room, husky voices break against the smack of hands and soled shoes, against the strumming of strings. And they break against you as well.

Since Paris has very kindly decided to remain cloudy and cold for as long as the eye can see, I’m making my getaway and spending the weekend in Spain. So in light of my three-day escape, I wanted to share this beautifully done video of the art of making a flamenco guitar. An astounding 299 hours of work are condensed into 3 minutes, highlighting the craftsmanship and precision of these artisans. It’s no wonder why these instruments are so powerful – it seems as if these long hours are exactly what make these pieces of wood and strings so intoxicating.

And in hopes that I’ve already got you hooked, here’s a bit more Flamenco guitar from the legendary Paco de Lucia.

Via Thunder in our Hearts


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