While biking home from work the other day – the sun finally deciding to show its face and my Ipod on shuffle – this song came on. It’s one of those special tunes that immediately draws me back to a different time, only taking a few notes until I’m drifting down the river of nostalgia to last summer. I was sharing a flat in the 15th with two other amazing girls, wasting our days away in our humble Parisian kitchen. Between late morning breakfasts and late night bottles of wine, we’d play Nancy Sinatra and Shelia’s covers of this song on heavy rotation, pretending like we were in some kind of 1960s dream.

Personally, I’m a sucker for both. Sinatra’s version nourishes your need for a haunting voice and electric guitar, while Sheila’s French take quenches your thirst for powerful instrumentals. Which one do you prefer?

Since then, times have changed. Just as the 1960s eventually came to an end, so too did our time in that flat. Now both of these wonderful friends have moved on to even greater adventures – Hannah to colorful Cape Town, and Erin to the wilds of Australia. But while we may not be able to share Paris anymore, we’ll always share this song, no matter how many miles or oceans separate us.

Miss you girls.


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