It’s safe to say that Paris is the Mecca for window-shopping. With sky-high prices (yes, that simple cotton dress really is 250 EUR), and amazing window displays (that’s right, I’m looking at you Hermes), you often have no choice but to marvel at the treasures trapped behind the slick glass, scan the numbers written below, and promptly continue on down the cobblestones, mentally storing that must-have item in the “someday” file of your brain.

Of course this isn’t just about clothes shopping either. Equally distracting are the bountiful flower shops, the sinful chocolate shops, and even the sophisticated liquor stores. And then, there are the watches. See, I’m a bit of a closet “timepiece enthusiast” (please excuse how utterly pompous that sounds). Truth be told, I’ve only barely begun to understand all the complicated horlogerie lingo, and I usually only stick to the realm of men’s watches. But in this particular window-shopping case, it was a clock that caught my eye.

Prominently displayed behind the glass, I didn’t even realize it was a working clock at first. It simply struck me as odd that, “It is quarter to nine” was written down permanently on this box, and even stranger that is was in English. Luckily, it only took a few minutes for different letters to light up, chicly stating that is was now “ten to nine.”

Created by the German design agency Biegert & Fun, the QLOCKTWO clock spells out the time for you in the most beautiful of ways; The typography is sharp, the design is enticingly minimalist, and the novelty of using the written word is unique. It operates in five-minute intervals, and is available in 12 languages and 7 colors. The bad news? this colloquial way of keeping time comes at a “window-shopping price” of over 1000 USD. The good news however – they’re coming out with a watch version this fall with a (presumably) lower price tag…


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