Whenever I bike home at night – after the streets have all emptied out and the only sign of life that remains are the lit-up monuments – I’m always reminded of Luke Shepard’s Le Flâneur. A brilliant time-lapse video that’s composed of over 2,000 photographs he painstakingly took himself, Le Flâneur has a special way of showing off the capital. I love how the city’s greatest monuments seem to belong solely to you after 2am (biking by the Louvre is always particularly breathtaking), and he captured the intimate feeling perfectly. I hardly knew Luke at university (we both went to the American University of Paris), but after watching (and re-watching) Le Flâneur time and time again, I have no doubt in my mind that he’s got talent. Here it is:

It’s been three years since his video went viral, and he’s been plenty busy since. He shot another time-lapse video called Big Hands for the likes of Nikon (wow!), and produced a promotional video called Just Imagine for AUP, both shown below.

Now he’s taking on another project, and it’s going to be bigger than ever. This time around he’s revisiting the magnificence of Le Flâneur, and taking it to the next level. Appropriately entitled NIGHTVISION, Luke is planning on covering all of Europe’s monuments by night, accompanied by better equipment and software for an even more breathtaking final result.

Of course, creating a masterpiece like this one won’t be cheap, so Luke has created a page on to help fund the work. You know what that means – if you’re looking to play a small part in this amazing project, here’s your opportunity! And even if you can’t spare a few dollars, spreading the word always helps too!

Learn more about NIGHTVISION and donate here

Follow the NIGHTVISION facebook page here

Bon Courage Luke!


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