Happy Birthday to me! I’m not normally too fond of when my early September birthday falls, as it tends to get lost in the shuffle of late summer/early fall. I’m usually in some transitional phase, either between new apartments, new countries, or new friends, and don’t care to muster up the energy to celebrate. Luckily, however, a small celebration has sought me out– Éclair weekend at Fauchon!

From today until Saturday the 8th, the Fauchon boutique near the Madeleine is putting a sweet spin on everyone’s tedious rentreé with their lavish selection of 25 different éclairs. For their 5th annual Weekend Éclair, you’ll be able to pick from the Mona Lisa, Paris Brest, Salted Butter Caramel, Cherry Blossom, and Rainbow, amongst many others. I have my eyes set on one in particular however – the new Saint Honoré, an homage to the famous Parisian street. The puff pastry desert is filled with creamy caramel, layered with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cream, and topped with a delicate caramel dentelle. Um, yes please!

The prices are a bit steep – 7 euros per éclair – but if you’re a gourmande like me, you won’t have too hard of a time treating yourself – whether its your birthday or not.


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