What if picking a man was as easy as picking out a pair of shoes? You could browse by style, size, facial hair…. the options are endless, and apparently now possible, thanks to AdopteUnMec’s pop-up store on Rue de la Bonheur. The popular dating site (it’s one of France’s most popular with over 300 million page views per month) is making dreams come true by putting real life men in glass containers that hark back to the days of Barbie and Ken boxes.

Ok so you can’t actually buy any of these men – the pop-up store is for “promotional purposes only,” but the marketing is unique, just like the site itself. See, the thing about the single scene in Paris is that there isn’t one. Most everyone is in a relationship already, making it pretty hard to find a decent, available man (although “available” is used pretty loosely by the mistress-friendly French). On the other hand, online dating is never all that appealing, especially with all the less-than-appealing messages that come your way.

That’s where AdopteUnMec comes in. As a friend of mine who’s pretty frustrated with the dating scene was recently explaining, this site doesn’t sounds half bad. Allowing both men and women to register but only women to send messages, its definitely a female-driven dating site. Guys simply post a profile with photos, and women get to be the one to “adopt” their ideal mec without the “constant bombardment of unwanted advancements from men.”

Not a bad site to bookmark for a rainy day, les filles!


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