A little while ago, I wrote about Vahram Muratyan’s awesome Paris vs. New York posters that comedically compared the city of lights with the big apple. I was totally obsessed. So how could the sharp graphics and humorous be improved upon? Make it into a video, of course.

Tony Miotto, a “polyvalent art director”, took the simplistic minimalism of Muratyan’s work and transformed it into a excellent one-minute short. With moving illustrations and some perfectly chosen sound bites (I’m particularly partial to the putain de merde shouted after stepping on the crotte de chien, mostly because it happens all the time), he managed to make something perfect even better.

It does get me thinking though – What does Muratyan think of this? Is it flattery or theft? I was recently having a similar discussion with my boyfriend about the infamous street artist, Miss Tic, and the “new and improved” version of her, Mass Toc. We were comparing pictures and the resemblance was uncanny (and therefore clearly intentional). Same exact style, same jeux de mots, same typography. But there was one difference – Toc’s were even cleverer than her inspiration with her play on words and surfaces, taking Tic’s idea to the next level…     

 Prêt a porter by Miss Tic on top, J’assure en chair by Mass Toc on the bottom


La fille coupée en deux by Miss Tic on top, and La fille coupée en trois by Mass Toc on the bottom

The play on words is too hard for me to explain in English (I have a hard enough time understanding it in the first place), but words or no words, its clear how similar the two artist’s work is. The question is – where’s the line between inspiration and imitation?


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