For anyone who (used to) follow this blog, you might have noticed that my posts stopped abruptly. Despite what it looks like, I didn’t drop off  the face of the earth. I did, however, drop off the face of France for a little while. I could go into the messy details of tear -soaked luggage, and bureaucratic frustations but I’d rather skip all that…

Now I’m back in Paris once again, and oh how almost nothing has changed. Sure there’s new construction on this and that street corner, and a few trendy hot spots have opened their doors, but all in all, Paris still wears the same face it pretty much always does.

“But it’s a modern city!” you say, “it has to change!” Well, it really doesn’t, and I’ve got pictures to prove it. Thanks to Albert Kahn, the same man who was responsible for creating those gorgeous gardens in the 16th, there was a great deal of color photography taken of the city between 1907 and 1930. Wishing to leave an imprint of this period, Khan hired five photographers to make “Archives of the Planet” using the Lumière brother’s autochrome process, and here are the results. You’ll notice that most of these vistas still exist today…










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